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We help you through the steps to get everything just right. 

We are at your side through each step of the process with years of knowledge at your disposal.  We will ask a lot of questions, be very detailed, communicate with you and provide options for you to choose from.  We will manage each aspect of the project for you and will be your sounding board through the process.  Any question you ask, has been asked before, so ask away!  We will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and achieve something that is exactly what you want, even if you aren’t exactly certain of all those details right now.     


Initial meeting to discuss your vision and inspiration. Review your Pinterest and Houzz photos together. Visit job site and take measurements.  Identify preferences and inspiration.


Present floor plans, kitchen layout, fixtures and finishes to clients.  Get feedback, make adjustments, repeat as needed. Discuss options for contractors, tile setters, etc.


Cabinets ordered.  Take delivery and have installed.


Template countertops to ensure proper fit with cabinets, then order.


Take delivery of countertops and install.  Completion of project after wrapping-up any final details.


Together, we create something that is thoughtfully conceived and beautifully designed.



There are a lot of moving parts and many decisions… it is a fun process!  Here are some things you may be wondering:

We are here to help.  We will ask you questions.

You probably do know, you’re just not being asked the right questions.

Our job is to listen to what your needs are, be conscious of your budget, and partner our design experience with your ideas and preferences.  Together, we can arrive at the vision for your new space.

This is one reason it’s helpful for you to visit the showroom; to show you the kinds of options that are available and see if there is a personality match for your project.

We have been designing kitchens for over 30 years, dealing in everything from stock to full-custom cabinetry.  There is truly no limit to what we are able to create together.

We can get just about anything including stone (granite, slate, soapstone, etc), man-made stone, and wood (butcherblock and planking).  We can also do laminate.

Cabinets made in framed constructions consist of a back, two sides, with a 3/4″ solid-wood front frame.  Frameless consists of a top, back, and two sides, with the door mounted to one of the sides.  We offer multiple product lines in both.  Which one is better?  Both work very well and serve different purposes.  Want square inset, beaded inset, or full overlay?  There are many options like this that will impact which route we go.  We will walk through this together.

It can range anywhere from 3-10 weeks and depends on the scope of the project, the complexity of the design, who the contractor is, and numerous other factors.

We have a list of qualified contractors that will do an excellent job.  These are people we have worked with very closely over the years and we can speak accurately to about their integrity and craftsmanship.

Have a different question?


We would love to meet you and learn about your project.