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GEOLUXE – Pyrolythic Stone Countertops

What if your countertop were poured just like brownie batter?  With GEOLUXE Pyrolythic Stone, that’s exactly what’s happening, only it is a little warmer than what usually comes out of your oven at home. 

GEOLUXE is a truly innovative countertop material with high style and performance.  Any shortcomings to natural marble and quartz have been skirted by GEOLUXE, which has a natural and modern look.  This recipe of 100% mineral-based materials is heated up to over 2,000 °F until it becomes, essentially, lava.  It is then elegantly poured into a very nice brownie pan leaving to create one of their seven sexy patterns.  

If the colors aren’t enough (view their online gallery), performance is where GEOLUXE begins to separate from the pack.  Unlike materials that have been formed through heat and pressure, there is no buildup of energy in this material, meaning it is very strong.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Nonporous – Resistant to stains, easy to clean and exceedingly hygienic for food prep.
  • Etch Resistant – Unaffected by everyday household chemicals (not the case for your sealed marble or even some quartz’s)
  • High Strength – Unrivaled scratch, chip and crack resistance, perfect for heavy-duty kitchen countertop use (you can cut up brownies right on the surface and it will only dull your knife blade)
  • Heat Resistant – The heat resistance is over 2,000 °F – also perfect for fireplace surrounds. (Pull those brownies out of the oven and set them right on it… same goes for your Le Cruset dutch oven or anything else)
  • UV Resistant – Save to use out doors or near windows receiving abundant natural light – wont fade over time like quartz products

And the list goes on… 

There are few materials built for your home with the credentials of GEOLUXE and they will stand behind it with a 15-year warranty. 

Have questions about this product or something similar?  We are here to help!

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