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Aurea Stone – Quartz Countertops

We are excited to announce a partnership with Aurea Stone this week!  Aurea Stone calls itself “the most realistic Match to Natural Marble” thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques.

One thing that is obvious about Aurea Stone is how bright it is.  The surface doesn’t have the pixelation you see in some quartz products and as a result, the flow and elegance of its patterns is gorgeous.  It has sharp, clean lines and minimal blurriness.  

Aurea Stone is best known for their light colors (view their gallery).  Another stunning feature of Aurea Stone is its translucency.  The soft and subtle undertones have immense depth and color beneath the surface.  While some quartz materials have a 2-dimensional appearance, Aurea Stone will actually take in light from the room and radiate.  In fact, you can actually back-light this quartz (come in and shine your smartphone flashlight behind it and see for yourself).  

If you are considering quartz options for you kitchen or bathroom, Aurea Stone is worth a look.  

Have questions about this product or something similar?  Let us know!

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